Lemongrass Wax Melt

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Lemongrass is a tropical, grassy plant which grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world like India, Indonesia, and South America. It is extracted from the leaves and stalks of the lemongrass plant which results in a powerful, citrus scent. The oil can be a bright to pale yellow with a lemony scent which has many health-related benefits.  

Our Lemongrass wax melt is a refreshing and energizing herbal delight combined with citrus oils.

Therapeutic benefits of Lemongrass:

  • Sharpens mental clarity
  • Reduces inflammation and relaxes sore muscles
  • Alleviated menstrual problems
  • Natural insect repellent

Note Profile:
Top: Orange, Lemon
Base: Lemongrass

How to use wax melts: Based off the size of your warmer, place 1-2 cubes inside the bowl of the warmer. Light the wick of a tealight candle beneath the warmer or switch on your electrical wax warmer to your desired setting. Enjoy the beautiful room-filling aroma!

When you are finished, turn off or remove the heat source and the wax will solidify until you are ready to use it again. Refer to our ‘Wax Melts Tip Sheet’ for more information.

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