Eucalyptus + Mint

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Eucalyptus and Mint

Eucalyptus is well known for its medicinal properties originating in Australia. The oil is extracted by drying, crushing, and distilling in order to release the oil. Once it is extracted, it has to be diluted before it can be used for medicinal purposes. Eucalyptus was used by the indigenous people of Australia to help heal wounds.

Spearmint is derived from the perennial herb plant and is considered one of the oldest Mints used in Chinese and Greek medicine. Spearmint gets the nickname ‘The Gentler Oil’ because its menthol level isn’t as high compared to Peppermint oil. Eucalyptus and Spearmint is the perfect DUO blended together! The combinations have a balancing and uplifting effect, which enhances focus and promotes positivity.

Our invigorating, calming Eucalyptus & Mint wax melt is an herbal blend of eucalyptus softened by spearmint with undertones of fresh lemon and sage.

Therapeutic benefits of Eucalyptus and Spearmint:

  • Stress and anxiety reliever
  • Alleviates clogged sinuses and congestion
  • Soothes strained and aching muscles
  • Antimicrobial properties

Note Profile:
Top:  Eucalyptus, Spearmint
Middle:  Lemon
Base: Sage


How to use wax melts: Based off the size of your warmer, place 1-2 cubes inside the bowl of the warmer. Light the wick of a tealight candle beneath the warmer or switch on your electrical wax warmer to your desired setting. Enjoy the beautiful room-filling aroma!

When you are finished, turn off or remove the heat source and the wax will solidify until you are ready to use it again. Refer to our ‘Wax Melts Tip Sheet’ for more information.

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