illuminate B. Candles was founded by a young, genuine soul, who always considered herself a ‘creative,’ but did not know how to express her artistic and creative abilities. Bri Stout grew up with an eye for the BRIGHT and BOLD, which is evident in her expression.

She spent countless hours searching to discover a passion that would fuel her spirit.  After brainstorming countless ideas, she realized the only thing standing in her way was fear.

 The fear of not being able to fund the startup costs, failure, supplies, support, etc. the list goes on. After standing in her own way of reaching her passion, she decided she had enough!

She ordered a starter candle kit and went to town creating. She enjoyed making candles to the point of dreaming about them. “Sometimes life likes to throw lemons our way causing us to lose sight, so I decided to use those lemons and make lemonade. To stay grounded, I shifted all of my energy from my hobby and turned it into my passion. There is a special art and science behind creating the perfect candle” as she said reflecting on her journey. 

When asked what makes illuminate B. different, Bri was happy to share, “All of my products are made with YOU in mind to promote self-care and restoration of the soul. Sometimes we get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and forget to nurture ourselves. I make my products to uplift your mind, body, and soul. So whether you are having date night with your partner burning ‘Blacker the Berry’ or need a day of restoration while melting 'Eucalyptus + Mint’, I hope my products bring uplifting vibes into every home they enter.”

Ready to uplift your home vibrations? Take a look at our Best Sellers! We hope you love our products as much as we do.